Kevin Celinder

Mark Pacpaco

Blind Innocence

Blind Innocence is a 5 piece Alternative Folk Band, led by teenage singer/songwriter Angelyn (Vocals), whose music crosses over into several genres, such as: Country, Rock, and Pop.
The story began when a very talented 13 year old Angelyn, showed her brother's Guitar teacher Kevin Celinder(Guitars) a song she had written. From that point the idea for a band was born, with Kevin starting out as the first drummer. Brandon Shelton(guitars) joined the band soon after and although there were other musicians that would sit in and play gigs with the band.This is the trio that has become the foundation of the band, "Blind Innocence".

While Angelyn wrote the majority of the bands music and lyrics, collaborations were not unusual. Soon they had enough material to take into the recording studio. After the recording of several originals the trio came out of the studio and Kevin moved from drums to guitars.

Out of the studio, with enough material to perform live with they began to audition for a new drummer and a bass player. Christian Demman(Bass) joined the trio in 2016 and after several drummers Mark Pacpaco(Drums) became the final piece to this fabulous band.


Brandon Shelton

Christian Demman